Welcome to Anodizing Supply Canada!

We have a wide range of titanium rack and disc for aluminum anodizing. Titanium can be re-used almost indefinitely and provide a really good connection to your parts. These rack are ideal for small to medium sized anodizing line or for the standard DIYer that want to save on racking time. We will soon add Dyes and Chemical to our store!


Aluminum Anodizing Supply

Some of the most common supply required for anodizing can be found here. Adjustable power supply, cathode sheet, temperature controller, cartridge heater for dye and chemicals, and more product added constantly. 

Dyes and Chemicals

This is the dye we use on our product. They only need to be heated to 30-45*C/85-115*F making them the lowest minimum dying temperature on the market. They are also very stable in shade through a wide range of PH. We sell exclusively powder dye.