About Us

Anodizing Supply Canada is located in Quebec, Canada and is housed in the DeeWorks shop. We ship every order within 24-48hr with tracking number. Payment can only be processed through Paypal.

DIY tutorials and Youtuber have made home anodizing more appealing and accessible than ever and we also got into the groove in 2010 to anodize our product. The first thing we noticed is how time consuming racking pieces with stripped aluminum wire is, let alone how soft it was. We upgraded to titanium welding rod and it was a huge improvement, but it also didn’t cut it for small parts in bigger quanitity, especially moving a lot of them at the same time from tank to tank. The titanium disc and rack was the ultimate solution!

Titanium rack; Our rack are made out of pure tig welded titanium. We offer several model of round titanium disc that all fit on 1″ diameter spline. We also stock 4-sided titanium rack for those with bigger tank. We are constantly expending our range of model available as we get request from customer. 

Dye; We tried several dye company over the years to finally settle on our particular supplier. They have the lowest minimum dying temperature on the market and are stable through a wide range of PH. Lower temperature result in power consumption saving, reduced dye evaporation and less time needed to heat up each color. Sample picture are parts anodized by us using our dye with the concentration and dying time seen on each picture.

We ship our titanium rack and anodizing supply worldwide. We are extremely open in feedback and product suggestion from our customer! We are always working to offer more affordable product that will help the home anodizer get the best setup possible.